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Is Life at a Top Consulting Firm as Glamorous as It Seems?

by RocketBlocks  |  November 21, 2017

St. Regis Hotels. Cross country business class flights. Lavish dinners. Advising on strategy for Fortune 500 companies. It all sounds glamorous! And anytime someone asks me what life was like at BCG, they've often got an image that's driven by a few of the aforementioned items already firmly cemented in their head.   So the question everyone asks is: is life at McKinsey, BCG and Bain really as glamorous as it sounds? The quick summary is that, as glamorous as some parts of the job might... Read More >

Ace McKinsey's Fit Interview: 3 Tips From a Former McKinsey Manager

by RocketBlocks  |  November 03, 2017

A case interview with McKinsey is an exciting, but daunting, prospect. After all, it means you'll be solving business problems in real time with an accomplished consultant from the same firm that launched the careers of Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook), Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google) and James McNerney (CEO of Boeing).  Given the challenge, it's no doubt that candidates spend countless hours honing their analytical skills in advance of their case interviews. But the case interview is only... Read More >

Mastering the Case Interview: Tips from an Ex-BCG Consultant

by RocketBlocks  |  October 17, 2017

What does Serena Williams' serve have to do with the toughest job interview style out there? A lot. In today's post on mastering the case interview, we're going to unpack what the case interview really is, the core skills it tests and why the best way to prepare is shockingly similar to how Serena practices every day.   The case interview success story If you rewind fifty years from today, the case interview would barely register on the radar of job interviews. But a lot has changed.... Read More >

How an Ex-Google Employee Answers "Walk Me Through Your Resume"

by RocketBlocks  |  October 04, 2017

The number one mistake candidates make when answering this question is translating the question to something akin to, "Tell me everything you've done in your professional career in chronological order."  You can approach the question this way, and-if you've got a tight, coherent articulation of it-it can even work. Most of the time though, it results in a bloated, rambling, uncompelling picture of your accomplishments even if you've done a lot of impressive things.  There is a better way:... Read More >

3 Secrets of Great Interview Communication

by RocketBlocks  |  September 21, 2017

In this post, we share three interview communication tips from Genelle Kahan, a former Bain & Co. Manager who spent nine years at Bain in their San Francisco and Boston offices. During her tenure as a management consultant, Kahan headed up the East Coast undergrad recruiting efforts, conducted over three case hundred interviews and was a key member of Bain's retail practice.  According to Kahan, because consulting is often extremely quantitative and analyti Read More >

Land the McKinsey Offer Part 4: Demonstrating Leadership, Collaboration & Drive

by RocketBlocks  |  September 07, 2017

Regardless of whether you're interviewing with McKinsey, BCG or Bain, one thing will be consistent: they'll want to see you demonstrate leadership, collaboration and drive. In this final post on the key skills consulting firms test for, we will cover what exactly the elite firms are looking for and provide the context of why they care about these skills so much. Before jumping in, let's quickly recap the skills we've already covered in this series: Analytical skills: problem... Read More >

Land the McKinsey Offer Part 3: Communication Skills

by RocketBlocks  |  August 22, 2017

Communication is, without doubt, the most underrated skill of the consulting interview. Here's the crazy thing: most candidates don't even realize they will be explicitly evaluated on it! Indeed, many soft skills are critical for success in consulting interviews. But communication is the "building block" soft skill because firms, rightly so, see it as an enabler for other skillsets they also care about like leadership and collaboration. Before jumping in though, let's quickly recap where... Read More >

Land the McKinsey Offer Part 2: More Case Interview Skills

by RocketBlocks  |  August 15, 2017

"Ok, now that you've got a structure in place, let's dive in. Your client operates in a $34B global market, maintains a ~12% market share and earned a 23.2% profit margin last year. How much profit did our client earn last year?"  The above is a prototypical case interview mental math exercise. If you're preparing for case interviews, you need to be ready to shred problems like that, as well as any infinite permutations of it. Before we jump into discussing the skills necessary to conquer... Read More >

Land the McKinsey Offer: Case Interview Skills

by RocketBlocks  |  August 07, 2017

"Ok, your client is a large, multi-national…" This opening sentence is enough to strike fear into the hearts of many extremely talented undergraduates and graduates. Case interviews with firms like McKinsey, BCG and Bain can be a daunting proposition! As a result, candidates getting ready for case interviews prepare extensively. They read books. They watch video tutorials. They do a ton (sometimes hundreds!) of mock interviews with friends and peers. This instinct, to prepare diligently... Read More >

How to Solve Market Sizing Questions: Consulting Interview Skills

by RocketBlocks  |  June 02, 2017

We've saved the best for last in this 3-part guide to doing mental math in interviews: the vaunted market sizing question. (Part 1 was on basic tips and frameworks, and part 2 was on calculating growth rates).  While every consulting recruiting process is a little different, market sizing questions are one of the incontrovertible truths-they always come up! Again, this makes perfect se Read More >

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