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Lisa Rangel is an Executive Resume Writer and Official LinkedIn Moderator at, a Forbes Top 100 Career Website. She has been featured on BBC, Investor’s Business Daily,, Fox News, Yahoo Finance, US News, and many more reputable media outlets. She is the creator of

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5 Job Search Trends for 2018

by Lisa Rangel  |  December 06, 2017

To land the roles you want and keep advancing your career, you need to know and stay ahead of the trends in hiring. And for 2018, automation will be the key theme of change in recruitment and job searching. Companies are now relying less on human evaluation and more on artificial intelligence and algorithms to choose their next hires. Which means successful candidates will need to embrace this change, adjusting their communication and application skills accordingly. Here are the top trends... Read More >

13 Tips for Networking at Holiday Parties and Events

by Lisa Rangel  |  November 15, 2017

The holidays present many opportunities to pursue job opportunities and expand your network. Whether you're an extrovert or introvert, here are several things you can do to make holiday job searching and networking easier and more enjoyable. 1. Enter events thinking, "Who can I help?" Taking this mindset as opposed to "Ugh, I don't know anyone!" or "What are they going to think of me?" will make you appear more genuine and reduce your stress. Focusing on offering assistance rather than... Read More >

5 Job Search Tactics Using the ROTH (Reach Out to Humans) Method

by Lisa Rangel  |  July 27, 2017

When frustrated clients in the middle of a job search tell me they've submitted their resume to hundreds of job postings but have only received one interview, I want to scream: "Get off the job boards!" All the time I hear job seekers complain about HR never getting back to them. But these job seekers never try to reach out to anyone else. They say that sending their resume to job boards is like sending it into a black hole, but then they keep on doing it. And they wonder why they're... Read More >

5 Best Ways to Use Job Boards

by Lisa Rangel  |  June 28, 2017

Although studies show that networking is the most effective way to get hired, that doesn't mean you should ignore job boards when conducting your job search. To that end, below you'll find six tips that will help you master those boards. 1. Create profiles You don't want to be the one who has to look for opportunities all of the time, so set up your profile on job boards to allow recruiters to find you. Note: If you're currently working, set your profile to "confidential" when... Read More >

11 Things to Avoid When Writing a Resume

by Lisa Rangel  |  June 08, 2017

Writing a resume that gets results is critical in landing job interviews. And you have to know what to include as well as exclude in order to make your resume great. So here are 11 things to avoid when writing your resume.  1. Don't make your resume unnecessarily long. Keep you reader interested in five- to 10-second increments by showcasing your experience in as little space as possible (without sacrificing your achievements). For most job seekers with more than 10 years of experience, a... Read More >

5 Ways to Show Leadership Skills on Your Resume

by Lisa Rangel  |  May 16, 2017

Today, companies know that soft skills are just as important as hard skills when it comes to improving the bottom line. And maybe the most important soft skill of all is leadership ability. However, leadership is something many people don't know how to effectively market on their resume. So below, we show you five concrete ways to get across your leadership skills on your CV.  1. Use specific leadership skills mentioned in the job listing. Job listings often include the type of leadership... Read More >

Outdated, Overqualified, and Ageism: Getting Hired Over 40

by Lisa Rangel  |  April 11, 2017

Each day during my work with clients, I hear three terms used interchangeably: outdated, overqualified, and ageism. But these terms do not mean the same thing. One term is possibly a legitimate reason for not being hired that you can devise a strategy to overcome. Another is a legitimate reason for not being hired that you have 100 percent control over changing in order to get hired. And yet another is illegal for companies to engage in that you have no control over. Read More >

Facebook or LinkedIn: Which Site Is Better for Finding a Job You Love?

by Lisa Rangel  |  March 29, 2017

Last month, Facebook rolled out a new feature called Facebook Jobs. The feature allows local businesses to post open jobs and passively look for suitable candidates. The feature also allows candidates to apply for these jobs. And so, businesses are now able to use their company Facebook pages to post job openings and communicate with applicants through Facebook Messenger.  LinkedIn Jobs, which launched in January 2005, is a more mature, robust platform and still offers more options and... Read More >

5 Tips for Using LinkedIn's New Features

by Lisa Rangel  |  February 27, 2017

LinkedIn recently rolled out several new important updates. These include changes to its profile setting, search function, tracking metrics, and messaging. Below is a summary of these updates, along with tips for how best to deal with and adapt to them. 1. Cleaner Navigation Menu LinkedIn's new navigation menu makes it easier to find what you need. My Network, Jobs, Messaging, and Notifications are now all listed at the top Read More >

8 Tips for Surviving a Merger

by Lisa Rangel  |  February 07, 2017

Big or small, no company is immune to a merger with another firm. So here are several things employees can do to prevent themselves being blindsided by a merger, as well as several actions they can take once a merger has been announced. 1. Assume you're fired today. Adopting this mindset forces you to be proactive. Make a to-do list of everything that's necessary to begin a search for a position outside that company. One that ranges from updating your resume to networking. What's most... Read More >

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