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Tips for Communicating with Hiring Managers in Interviews

Communication is key during your job search, and it's especially important during the interview process....

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6 Things to Research About a Company Before an Interview

Researching the company you're interviewing with is a must, and almost all job candidates do it to some degree....

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5 Insights into a Hiring Manager's Mind During an Interview

Inside the mind of a hiring manager is a desirable place to be-if you're a job seeker....

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15 “Tell Me About a Time” Interview Questions Top Accounting Firms Ask

It’s tax season, which means tens of thousands of accountants across the country are working overtime to complete various...

How to Answer the 'What Don't You Like About Your Current Job?' Interview Question

Many interview questions aren't what they seem....

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5 Tips for Surviving a Hostile Interview

If an interviewer wants to learn about your emotional intelligence, she could ask you a series of questions about your past...

A successful job interview

How to Answer "Gotcha" Questions in a Legal Job Interview

"Why should we hire you?" "How are you doing academically?" "What are your greatest weaknesses?...

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