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15 “Tell Me About a Time” Interview Questions Top Accounting Firms Ask

It’s tax season, which means tens of thousands of accountants across the country are working overtime to complete various...

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How to Answer Questions About Your Resume Gap

If you have a gap on your resume, there's a good chance that you'll be asked about it in a job interview—which means that...

How to Answer the 'What Don't You Like About Your Current Job?' Interview Question

Many interview questions aren't what they seem....

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How to Answer the 'What Sets You Apart from the Rest?' Interview Question

An extremely common interview question these days is some form of "What sets you apart from the rest of the candidates for...

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How to Prepare for a Phone Interview

While progressing to the phone interview stage of a hiring process is exciting, it's also nerve-racking....

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How to Answer: "What's Your Favorite Invention?"

Recruiters and interviewers will often throw out questions that are designed to test a candidate's ability to think on their...

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How to Answer the “What Is Your Weakness” Interview Question

One of the most difficult questions you may face in a job interview is, "What is your weakness?...

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