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The True Scale of Gender Inequality

It's International Women's Day*, which is something that sounds like it should be a holiday....

software developer screen

"All You Need is Interest": How One Consulting Firm Turns Students into Software Developers

Allen Tuggle has been a Software Engineer for 20 years....

Hand with small globe and horizon in background

Small Firm, International Opportunities: What's It Like to Work at Roland Berger?

Sage Jung is a Senior Project Manager with Roland Berger....

Girl walking around career fair

5 Tips to Ace a Career Fair

Career fairs can be overwhelming, to say the least....

Outdoor Business Meeting

What It's Like to Be an Intern at McKinsey

Eliza is an associate in McKinsey’s Shanghai office and was previously a summer associate while completing her MBA program at...

Aerial photo of shipping containers in port

How to Answer: "What's Your Favorite Invention?"

Recruiters and interviewers will often throw out questions that are designed to test a candidate's ability to think on their...

Glasses focusing on computer screen

How to Write a Resume to Beat an Automated Tracking System

The majority of applications for many jobs never get seen by a human....

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A Spotify Channel for Your MBA Studies

As marketing initiatives go, IESE business school has come up with something of a gem: its own Spotify channel, featuring a...

Hands holding crystal ball

How Companies Use Interviews to Identify Your Potential

If you want to know what companies are looking for in the hiring process, one of the best things you can do is learn to look...

Luxury hotel swimming pool

Is Life at a Top Consulting Firm as Glamorous as It Seems?

St. Regis Hotels. Cross country business class flights. Lavish dinners. Advising on strategy for Fortune 500 companies....

Jigsaw puzzle with missing piece

Ace McKinsey's Fit Interview: 3 Tips From a Former McKinsey Manager

A case interview with McKinsey is an exciting, but daunting, prospect....

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